Final Fantasy 16 Morbol boss guide - How to defeat and rewards

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Final Fantasy 16 Morbol boss

If you're wondering how to beat the Final Fantasy 16 Morbol boss, you have reached one of the game's first major challenges. A fan favourite, the Morbol is big and comes with a handful of nasty AOE attacks. Morbol can be a bit of a challenge if you don't know how to handle it.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know to take on the Morbol boss fight, from what you should do to prepare to how to handle its many moves. This should make the fight much easier!

How to beat Morbol boss in Final Fantasy 16

Before taking on Morbol, you want to make sure your loadout is in a good place. First, you do this by making sure to pick up any potions from around the map. You can walk through extra routes to try and find more. As this is one of the game's first major fights, you can't really customise your gear or abilities just yet. After you have your potions, go into the arena to fight Morbol.

When you start the battle, you should aim to get behind it and keep hitting its back. This will keep you away from all of Morbol's standard attacks. It will soon use "Bad Breath". This is a pretty damaging attack, so you should aim to move around Morbol while it does it. Generally, you want to do as much as damage as you can in-between attacks, where you can then build up the Stagger meter.

Final Fantasy 16 Morbol boss fight
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When Morbol goes underground it is setting up for a cinematic strike, where you have to press the dodge or hit button at the right time to stagger it and get more shots in as a counter.

When Morbol looks up and starts inhaling air, it will do an AOE attack, meaning you should aim to dodge away until it is done. For the most part, this is all you have to pay attention to in the first half of the boss fight.

In the second half, Morbol will do a move called "Wild Rage", where it runs from one end of the arena to the other. Just keep dodging out of its way until the move is done, where you can then close the distance and keep attacking. Keep applying pressure until Morbol finally goes down.


You will get 50 experience and 70 ability points for taking Morbol down, and you can finally move on to the next section of the game.

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