Final Fantasy 16: Release Date News & Everything We Know So Far

The Final Fantasy series has always been successful and a beloved series by many all over the world.

No doubt the next title will be the same, Final Fantasy 16 is the next single-player game to come from Square Enix.

Here's everything we know so far...


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There is limited information about this title at the moment, we'll keep you updated as more is revealed.

Final Fantasy 16 E3 2021 News

E3 2021 COUNTDOWN - June 13

There's not long to go before Square Enix's E3 Presentation 'Square Enix Presents' gets underway.

We already know you'll be able to see the World Premiere of a new game by Eidos Montreal, plus updates on BABYLON’S FALL, Life is Strange: True Colors and plenty more.

The show goes live on Sunday, June 13 at 12:15pm PDT / 8:15pm BST and you can watch the action right here, and on our YouTube and Twitch.

Can't see your timezones, then check out the below tweet:


9 June - Oh No. Latest rumours suggest that Square Enix might not feature any big Final Fantasy series news at their E3 2021 press conference.


This is according to ResetERA forums member Sasliquid (Via Supposedly, the information was also subsequently verified by the ResetERA forums administrations team. This might suggest the conference will focus on more Western titles like Marvel Avengers, Outriders and the like.

We really hope this is off base, but we're going to start preparing ourselves for the possibility of no big Final Fantasy news.

7 June - Square Enix didn't say Final Fantasy 16 will feature during its E3 2021 showcase but we'd be surprised if it didn't turn up at some point during the summer's many expositions.

You can watch Square Enix's E3 2021 showcase on Sunday, June 13 at 3.15pm EST / 12.15pm PST / 8.15pm BST

Final Fantasy 16 Latest News


Coming to PC After PS5 Launch? - March 11

According to a new Brazilian PS5 advert (as spotted by GamesRadar), FF16 could come to other platforms after an initial PS5 exclusivity window.

Specifically, it was suggested that the game will eventually come to PC before Square Enix backtracked somewhat on that information, but this suggests that it could come to PC after a PS5-exclusive period.

What Is Final Fantasy 16?


Final Fantasy 16 is next in line for the series and there are big things to come.

One of the most exciting bits of news so far is that Naoki Yoshida will be on board as producer and Hiroshi Takai as director.

These two completely transformed Final Fantasy 14 into the absolute gem it is today.

Below you can read some of the comments made by Yoshida in the official announcement press release: 

“The exclusive footage, comprising both battles and cutscenes running in real-time, represents but a fraction of what our team has accomplished since the start of development on this, an all-new FINAL FANTASY game,”

“In that span, the team’s size has grown from a handful of core members to a fully-fledged unit that continues to polish and build upon what they have created so far, all to provide players an experience unmatched in terms of story and gameplay.”

Final Fantasy 16 Release Date


So far, we don't have a confirmed release date for Final Fantasy 16, although, we expect plenty of information to be revealed this year.

Additionally, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier said the game has been in development for a long time during a 2020 episode of his Triple Click podcast.

“I’ve heard from people who know the game, have worked on the game or are familiar with the game’s development, that it’s actually been in development for at least four years in some capacity. So it’s coming sooner than people think.”

Final Fantasy 16 Trailer

If you're looking for insane visuals and information overload leaving you with plenty of questions, the trailer for FF16 is for you.


Final Fantasy 16 Story


As with previous FF games, the story will revolve around fantasy and adventure.

It takes place in Valisthea, a realm that lovers of all things make-believe will love to explore.

Multiple kingdoms will be involved, will there be conflict, will the player have to make peace? We'll have to see.

Those living in Valisthea do so in peace due to Mother Crystals but things are changing.

Eikons have risen and are wreaking havoc in the realm by humans who have immense power, Dominants.

No doubt it will be down to the player to fix everything.

Final Fantasy 16 Characters


So far there are only three characters we know will be heavily involved in the story.

You can find out about them below along with some backstory.

Clive Rosfield

Clive will be the main protagonist of FF16.

He's also the first-born to the Archduke of Rosaria.

He has the title of First Shield of Rosaria and so he must protect the kingdom, along with his brother.

Joshua Rosfield


Joshua is Clive's younger brother as well as that, he is the Dominant of Phoenix.

This means he is an Eikon and able to use fire to his advantage.

He's soft and kind, others are his priority, odd for the cliche of children from royalty.

Jill Warrick

Jill was raised with Clive and Joshua, she considers them to be her siblings.

She holds the title of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.

It's her responsibility to keep peace in the northern region.

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Left to right: Clive, Joshua, Jill


Final Fantasy 16 Kingdoms

We aren't entirely sure about the relationships between kingdoms at the moment.

Though, no doubt they'll have a big role to play.

Here are the six major factions in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Crystalline Dominion
  • Dhalmekian Republic
  • Grand Duchy of Rosaria
  • Holy Empire of Sanbreque
  • Iron Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Waloed

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