Fallout 4 mod Sim Settlements 2 gets new Nuka World-focused expansion pack

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Some of the new Nuka World settlement plots in Fallout 4.
Credit: GreenFoxel on Nexus Mods.

No matter whether they’ve been worked on for years or put together in a single day, Fallout 4 mods can add a lot to the experience on offer in The Commonwealth.

Some of these wonderful works focus on giving you the tools to make your post-apocalyptic playthroughs a bit more hilarious. Meanwhile, others can provide fresh adventures for you to delve into, sometimes involving familiar factions from previous entries in the series.

If you’ve been planning to delve back into The Commonwealth while you wait for Starfield or Fallout Nuevo Mexico to arrive and are a fan of settlement building, a newly-released addition to one of the game’s most popular mods is definitely worth adding to your load order.

Fancy adding some new properties in Nuka World to your Sim Settlements portfolio Fallout 4?

The add-on in question is called ‘Sim Settlements 2 - Nuka World Expansion’ and is the work of modder greenFoxel.

They’ve previously produced a number of other popular additions to Sim Settlements 2, including a Far Harbor-themed expansion and one centred around repurposing existing in-game structures.

This time, following the release of the base mod’s massive third chapter, they’ve put out a new add-on pack that brings eight new settlement plots to Nuka World, four of which are houses. Three recreational plots and a single commercial one round out the pack’s contents.

Currently, all four of the residential plots can be outfitted in six different styles that mirror the aesthetic sensibilities of the factions that occupy the theme park.

So, yes, that means you can turn one of the gingerbread houses in the Kiddie Kingdom section of the park into an abode fit for a raider or gunner, forming a contrast so bold it’d probably make most interior designers spontaneously combust on the spot.

The mod also makes a bunch of critters from the Nuka World DLC purchasable via Sim Settlements 2’s pet store, so you can share your barbed wire-coated gingerbread fortress with the likes of a friendly Gatorclaw or Rad-rat.


That’s it for now, but greenFoxel looks to be planning on adding an assortment of extra goodies to the mod via future updates, including some military-themed plots that’ll employ the mechanics of Sim Settlements 2 latest chapter, and the chance to repopulate the ruins of Bradberton.

Regardless of whether you’re now perusing these new properties while sipping on an ice-cold Nuka Cola, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods for Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. You can also check out our latest mods of the month.

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