EA Sports Is Hoping To Extend Its Player Base With Improved Business Models

EA Sports remain the staple of sports entertainment within the gaming realm, expressing ongoing franchises from FIFA to Madden NFL.

Despite embedding themselves as a dominant presence in their respective field, EA Sports are hoping to expand their player base even further as they progress into the decade.

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EA Sports Is Hoping To Extend Its Player Base With Improved Business Models

EA Sports General Manager, Daryl Holt spoke to Axios about the future of sports gaming, expressing their interest in reaching more users in the next five years.

Holt indicated that the company is hoping to increase its current player base of 230 million players to 500 million players by 2026. To do so, they are looking to bolster their presence in the current entrepreneurial market:

The expansion will involve new business models, new geographies, and a sustained offering of sports gaming content to players around the clock.

With these new models, Holt indicates that forthcoming titles will focus on improving co-op opportunities:

We're creating very much a social aspect and social networks within our games.

Holt also mentions how the company is investing more on polishing their upcoming productions, following unsatisfactory feedback from last year's Madden, citing that there is:

a responsibility for us to deal with craftsmanship in terms of bugs or any issues of instability

Following Konami's recent announcement of the live-service eFootball, EA Sports are said to be monitoring how this business model will evolve and become more apparent in sports gaming:

I think it is an evolution that is happening around the gaming industry in different ways. How we unlock the big beat of sports into that type of a service, I think we'll see over the course of the future.

The rest of 2022 will see EA Sports host a number of titles including Madden NFL 22, FIFA 22, and a new PGA Tour, as the company slowly transitions into next-generation gaming.

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