EA Sports PGA Tour Golf: 2021 Release Date News, PS5 and Xbox Series X Next-Gen Enhancements And More

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EA might have a number of sports games under its belt but the company hasn’t released a big golf game since Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour 2015, hastily replacing Tiger Woods after he became Persona non grata after a sex scandal, but after a good number of years, we’re finally getting a new golf game from EA Sports called EA Sports PGA Tour.

The news of EA Sports PGA Tour came out of nowhere, though many assumed that they went on a comeback after seeing 2K Games soar with PGA Tour 2K21, it’s still good seeing more sports games around so no company has a monopoly on a genre, so we’re happy to see EA Sports PGA Tour, even if Tiger Woods won’t be appearing in it.

Now, here’s everything you need to know about EA Sports PGA Tour:

Release Date: When Is EA Sports PGA Tour Coming Out?

As of this writing, no EA Sports PGA Tour release date has been announced, though the initial announcement did say that its date would be revealed in the coming months.

That’s a bit of a bummer but we aren’t even halfway through the year yet so we’re sure we’ll get news on it soon, maybe in EA Play Live, which usually happens around E3.

Who Is Going To Be The EA Sports PGA Tour Cover Athlete?

Considering the game’s title simply being EA Sports instead of a particular athlete, it doesn’t seem like the game’s cover athlete matters that much, at least until the devs reveal if we’re even getting one.

The promotional image is just what we see in a typical golf game so they could keep it like this, though given how they’ll want hardcore golf fans to check this out, expect someone big from the golf world that isn’t Tiger Woods.

How Will EA Compete With 2K Games?

2K Games dropped a huge bombshell when they signed Tiger Woods to an exclusive deal, shocking sports fans everywhere, and the fact that PGA Tour 2K21 was critically acclaimed has fans worried about EA Sports PGA Tour and if it will be able to keep up.

In the end, what really matters is the gameplay and we hope the folks at EA Sports (it’s in the game) will be able to make this a great-feeling sports game that differentiates itself from the competition, somehow.

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