FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Release Date, ICONs, Heroes, Game Modes, Rumours, Leaks & Everything You Need to Know

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FIFA 22 will be heading to consoles later this year, with Ultimate Team sure to be in line for yet another revamp.

We'll see new card designs, new animations and maybe a few new leagues when when EA's next football offering drops in the autumn.

Here is everything that we know about FIFA 22's Ultimate Team so far.

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Latest News - Two New FUT Heroes Confirmed

The first nine FUT Heroes were officially announced earlier this month, and now we now of two more.

The Champions League winning duo of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Premier League & Norway) and Lars Ricken (Bundesliga & Germany) will be available when FIFA 22 launches this autumn.

You can guarantee yourself one of the inaugral FUT Heroes by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22.


FIFA 22's Ultimate Team will feature upon the games full release, which is expected to be at some point in late September or early October.

We'll have more news on that when we get it, but one thing we can confirm is that whenever FIFA 22 hits the store, Ultimate Team will be ready to go.

Game Modes

FIFA 21 saw Co-op Ultimate Team introduced for the first time, but can we expect to see any other new modes this time around?

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Currently, the answer is no. However, with EA expected to reveal more about the game in the coming months, we can't rule anything out just yet.

On current standings, this is what we are expecting to see.

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Online Modes

As far as online modes go, we aren't expecting any new additions from EA.

Division Rivals should remain the go-to competitive mode throughout the week, with Weekend League going nowhere anytime soon.

Although it isn't as popular as it once was, we expect to see the FUT Draft mode return in FIFA 22, whilst the FUT Friendlies mode is likely to remain in place for those hunting Season Objectives cards.

Offline Modes

Those who prefer the challenge of the CPU will have Squad Battles or FUT Drafts at their disposal.

FUT Heroes

EA has officially revealed a new crop of cards that will be heading to FIFA 22.

Known as FUT Heroes, the upcoming release will feature players that have had an iconic moment in footballing history that has turned them into fan favourites.

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Mario Gomez, Tim Cahill and Diego Milito are amongst those selected by EA, with the Heroes set to arrive upon the release of FIFA 22.

You can learn more about the FUT Heroes on the link.


ICONs will be returning in FIFA 22, with a host of new faces expected to join the FIFA 21 ICON 100.

 ICON 100 - We saw 100 ICONs in FUT for the first time this year.
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ICON 100 - We saw 100 ICONs in FUT for the first time this year.

Cafu and Marco Van Basten are amongst the footballing greats to be linked to the elusive group in recent weeks.

You can find everything you need to know about FIFA 22's ICONS right here.

Card Design

One thing that we can all but guarantee is a new card design.

EA like to switch things up each year and, whilst the bronze, silver and gold rankings will stay in place, the appearance of said cards will be amended slightly.

We are also sure to see a host of new promotions throughout the year, all of which will come with a whacky new colour scheme and card design. But that remains down to the creative genius' at EA to sort out.

FUT Web App

The FUT Web App is the best way to get a headstart on your Ultimate Team, with FUT fanatics able to get their hands on packs and the transfer market before the full launch of the title.

We expect to see the app launched in early September.

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