Diablo 4 developers warn that using popular overlay mod could get you permanently banned

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Lilith in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

Though the arrival of Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant was arguably overshadowed by a controversial patch, plenty of players have still delved into it and set about trying to find items that can take their characters to the next level.

Some of these hardcore Hellspawn have been encountering a few frustrating bugs with the gear they’ve found, while others have gotten lucky and stumbled across a Malignant Heart that can offer a permanent buff.

Now, however, the game’s developers have decided to remind everyone that using some overlay software that can help you keep track of the rewards you’re seeking in the game’s first season could result in a permanent ban.

Have you been using an overlay mod to help you keep track of your progress in Diablo 4?

In a post on the Blizzard forums, Diablo Global Community Development Director Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher declared: “we want to make it clear that TurboHUD4, like any game-modifying software, is prohibited for use with Diablo IV.”

“Players who install this kind of software will put their accounts at risk for disciplinary action, which can include permanent suspension,” Fletcher continued, emphasising that the game’s End User License Agreement “explicitly prohibits cheating, bots, hacks, and any other [unauthorised] software which automates, modifies, or otherwise interferes with the game”.

Citing the security of players and “the game’s long-term integrity” as reasons behind this stance, the developer explained: “ We are committed to keeping the world of Sanctuary a safe and fair place for all players, and our Game Security team constantly monitors for cheats and [unauthorised] modifications.”

As outlined on its website, TurboHUD4 is an overlay mod designed to “enhance every aspect of your gameplay, delivering a fully immersive and personalised adventure,” much like its predecessor for Diablo 3.

Some of the changes it makes to the game’s UI can allow players using it to easily stay abreast of their progression by tracking everything from quests to items in real-time, giving them an advantage over those playing the vanilla version of the game.

Blizzard’s re-iteration of its stance on the software, which it also held during Diablo 3’s lifespan, looks to be proving very popular with some prominent Diablo 4 streamers, such as creator Echohack, who tweeted: “YES! Get wrecked cheaters,” in response to the news.

Regardless of how many new uniques and aspects you’ve tried out so far in Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to its changes, including quests like Holding Back the Flood.

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