Diablo 4 quest designer glad players are noticing easy-to-miss storytelling detail

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Lilith in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

Since Diablo 4 arrived early last month, those who approached it with the perfect build in mind have been making great progress towards their goal of reaching peak performance.

Unfortunately, some of these hardcore hellspawn had their anticipation for the game’s first season severely dulled by a controversial patch and some frustrating bugs.

While many players and streamers are currently trying to discover which of the items included in the Season of the Malignant work best for their characters, one has earned a shout-out from a developer for picking up on an easy-to-miss quest detail.

Have you noticed any cool little details while playing through Diablo 4’s quests?

Blizzard Senior Quest Designer Harrison Pink has taken to Twitter (or X, I guess) to share their joy at discovering that the player in question, Reddit user Mahoka572, had spotted that a post-campaign interaction reveals something cool about one of the game’s NPCs.

This little Easter egg of sorts takes place as part of a post-campaign quest involving Taissa, which sees her summon a group of witches, one of which is Aneta, the character which the side quest ‘The Heretic’ revolves around.

“She graduated witch school!” declared Mahoka572 in their post, which also included a few other small details from the game that they liked.

“I can't believe anyone noticed,” said Pink in their Tweet, continuing: “Sometimes you make little decisions just for yourself when building quests, but I'm overjoyed [that] someone else caught this.”

This isn’t the first time the developer has shared their joy regarding the positive reception to their work in the game. They previously explained, in response to fans praising Taissa’s quest ‘A Series of Steps’, that it’s designed to convey the emotional process of kicking off the long road to recovery from trauma by “accepting who you are now.”

Meanwhile, Diablo Global Community Development Director Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher has also taken to social media recently. The developer has provided the update that, following last week’s Campfire Chat about Patch 1.1.0, there’ll be another dev stream this Friday discussing the game’s next update.


“We have some hotfixes [and] a small client patch that will be hitting this week to address some bug issues,” Fletcher also confirmed in the post, adding: “[There will be] no balance items in these.”

Regardless of what you’ve been doing during Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant so far, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to its changes, including the new unique gear and quests like Holding Back the Flood.

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