Diablo 4 players call on Blizzard to add Malignant Heart effects to other items once Season One ends

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Lilith in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

Since Diablo 4 arrived early last month, those who approached it with the perfect build in mind have been making great progress towards their goal of reaching peak performance and burying Hell beneath a mountain of enemy corpses.

Unfortunately, some of these hardcore hellspawn had their anticipation for the game’s first season severely dulled by a controversial patch and some frustrating bugs. Blizzard has since addressed this backlash in a special Campfire Chat.

Now, thankfully, it seems that many players and streamers are starting to warm up to the Season of the Malignant, with some already agonising over what might happen to their builds once it comes to an end.

Have you found any buffs in Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant that you don’t want to part with?

In a post on the Diablo 4 subreddit, user Relikern made an appeal to the game’s developers, calling on them to make a particular Malignant Heart buff that’s currently doing wonders for their Necromancer available in another form once the season draws to a close.

“This little thing has made the season for me,” they said of the Vicious Heart effect, which “automatically activates an equipped corpse skill every second” whenever the player is in the vicinity of a dead body, adding: “Why do we have to lose something this good and enjoyable?”

In order not to lose the buff, while still giving up the heart that bestows it, they’ve suggested that Blizzard could add it to an Aspect or a Unique item, in order to allow them to continue living the lovely life of a “lazy necro.”

While some joked that Relikern’s request is likely to lead to the item being nerfed, plenty of the other Diablo players that have responded to the post seem to agree with the idea it proposes.

“The rogue has one, the shadow clone taunter, that I absolutely want as a future aspect,“ declared user Bishop084, proving that it isn’t just necros having a great time.

Others acknowledged the controversial nature of the debate around allowing players to hang onto certain season-related items or buffs, with user RiverRootsEcoRanch musing: “Everybody has got a take [on it].”

Regardless of how much fun you’ve been having during Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant so far, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to its changes, including the new unique gear and quests like Holding Back the Flood.

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