Bungie is removing Legendary Shards from Destiny 2

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Destiny 2
Credit: Bungie

In the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2, change is a constant companion. The Destiny economy team at Bungie has recently announced a significant shift in the in-game currency system, particularly focusing on the removal of Legendary Shards. This decision, while bold, seeks to create a more balanced and user-friendly experience for Guardians across the universe.

Legendary Shards have been a staple in Destiny 2's economy, but their distribution and usage have created disparities among players. Some amassed them in abundance, while others struggled to acquire enough for essential in-game activities, like focusing engrams or enhance weapons. To rectify this imbalance and simplify the game's economy, Bungie has decided to bid farewell to them as explained in the most recent This Week at Destiny 2 blog post.

When are Legendary Shards being removed from Destiny 2?

destiny 2 legendary shards
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Credit: Destiny 2

Don't panic as Legendary Shards will stick around for some time, at least until The Final Shape releases. However starting in Season 23, as Legendary Shard costs will be removed from the Monument to Lost Lights, enabling both new and returning players to access previously missed weapons, specifically Exotics, more easily.

Ritual gear focusing will also see the removal of Legendary Shards, emphasizing Ritual Engrams and Glimmer as the primary costs. Here's a breakdown of the new costs:

  • New Ritual Weapons: 1 Engram, 0 Glimmer
  • Standard Ritual Pool Weapons/Armor: 3 Engrams, 5,000 Glimmer
  • Legacy Weapons/Armor: 5 Engrams, 15,000 Glimmer
  • Iron Banner/Nightfall Weapons: 5 Engrams, 25,000 Glimmer
  • Adept Nightfall/Trials Weapons: 1 Engram, 50,000 Glimmer, and 10 Nightfall Ciphers
  • Adept Trials Weapons: 1 Engram, 50,000 Glimmer, 7-Win Trials Passage

All sources and costs related to Legendary Shards, including Collections, Trials Passages, rituals, and vendor purchases, will be removed. Bungie won't provide a currency exchange for stockpiled Legendary Shards, emphasizing their commitment to fairness and accessibility, something that has angered long-time fans.

Dismantling gear will still provide rewards, including Enhancement Cores and Glimmer, ensuring players receive value for their efforts. Notably, the beloved merchant Xûr will undergo changes in response to Legendary Shards' departure, hinting at new forms of payment for his mysterious wares.

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