Cyberpunk 2077 modders give you the ability to organise and save custom outfits

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Some fashionably dressed Cyberpunk 2077 characters.

While a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 players are already imagining how sweet life will be when the Phantom Liberty Expansion arrives and they can ditch their old mate Keanu Reeves for a fresh celebrity friend in Idris Elba, some are still chilling in Night City while they wait.

Many of these chooms are busy being stock traders or street racers, but others are simply whiling away the days trying to perfect their futuristic fashion, buying new clothes and installing tons of colourful cyberware all over their bodies.


If you’re someone who keeps NC’s boutiques and ripperdocs in business with your spending, a new mod, which might help you manage your wardrobe a bit more efficiently, could be worth a try.

Have you ever wanted a way to organise your favourite Cyberpunk 2077 clothing into easily-equippable outfits?

The mod in question is called ‘Equipment-EX’ and is the work of modders psiberx and DJ_Kovrik. You might already have some of the former’s previous work in your load order, with them having created some extension loaders that a lot of popular mods require and given players the ability to manage their cyberware without visiting a ripperdoc.

This time, they’ve teamed up with fellow modder DJ_Kovrik, whose previous projects have replicated the experience of cyberpsychosis and made skipping time more immersive, to change up the game’s wardrobe UI.


The tweaks the pair have made ensure that you have over thirty clothing slots to play with, allowing you to wear items like glasses and face masks simultaneously, rather than having to choose between them.

However, the mod’s main selling point is that, once you’ve finished putting together a new costume, you can save it as a custom-named outfit, which will make it much easier to rapidly change into if you’re caught in a scenario where pausing time and running into a phone box to do a Superman isn’t feasible.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who likes heading to photo mode to take some snaps of V experiencing Night City’s sights and sounds, you’ll be able to switch between outfits via the mode’s pose menu, saving you from possibly losing the perfect shot.

You also won’t have to worry about running out of space for all of the outfits you want to put together, with the mod allowing for an unlimited number to be created.


If that sounds useful, you’ll first want to grab both of psiberx’s ‘ArchiveXL’ and ‘TweakXL’, plus WopsS’ ‘RED4ext’ and jac3km4’s ‘redscript’.

Regardless of whether your V is now rooting around at the back of their wardrobe for that Samurai jacket Rogue gave them, which is now buried under a sea of garments, make sure to follow us for more interesting Cyberpunk 2077 mods and info on the game’s upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion. You can also check out our mods of the month for December 2022.