Call of Duty: Warzone: Exploit Allows Players To Use Full Loadout In The Gulag

Season One for Call of Duty: Warzone is in full swing.

As players get to grips with an expanded weapon arsenal and a brand-new map, there have been a number of issues with the battle royale since the start of the season.

This latest bug enables players to glitch into the Gulag without dying, allowing them to bring in a full loadout into the map alongside the ability to kill anyone that is trying to battle for their chance to redeploy.

The discovery of the glitch comes after Raven Software confirmed that a weapon balancing update to nerf the controversial DMR 14 tactical rifle in an upcoming update.

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Gulag Exploit

Warzone Gulag
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Players are glitching into the Gulag

The Gulag has been one of the main features of Warzone since it released in April 2020.

The arena gives players the opportunity to jump back into the action by winning a 1v1 duel against another player.

A new iteration of the Gulag was introduced at the start of Season One when Black Ops Cold War was integrated into the BR.

Discovered by ModernWarzone, the glitch allows players to enter the Gulag without dying along with the ability to eliminate any players that are meant to be in there.

I think we found a way for you to actually win a gulag @timthetatman 😅
— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone)
January 5, 2021

When Will It Be Fixed?

The first season of Black Ops Cold War integration into Warzone hasn’t been the smoothest.

The start of the season saw issues that allowed players to use an infinite amount of tactical equipment while the addition of the attack helicopters led to players turning invisible.

With Raven Software already confirming that a future update to address weapon balance is coming, this particular exploit is likely to arrive as soon as possible in order to prevent players from entering the Gulag when they’re not meant to be in there!

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