Call Of Duty Vanguard Release Time Countdown, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

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As the Black Ops Cold War cycle moves towards its end, the Call of Duty community is eagerly awaiting the launch of the 2021 instalment of the popular first-person shooter franchise. Over the past few months, Sledgehammer Games has begun unveiling a number of features that will be appearing in Call of Duty: Vanguard, the latest release in the long-running franchise.

Will it be better than Black Ops Cold War? Will Vanguard be better than Battlefield 2042 or Halo Infinite? Which shooter will be king of the hill come Christmas 2021. Big questions that will soon be answered, but for now, we have plenty of info on what to expect when Activision's next entry in the first-person shooter genre finally lands.

With a brand-new campaign, all-new Zombies experience, and multiplayer full of innovations in the works, there's plenty for Call of Duty fans to look forward to when the game launches on November 5th. Find absolutely everything you need to know about Vanguard in our dedicated hub, starting with the latest news.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Release Time Countdown

The cure to your itchy trigger fingers. Here's exactly how long you have to wait before you can get your mitts on Call of Duty Vanguard.

Activision Blizzard has confirmed when Call of Duty Vangaurd will release around the world and it differs slightly based on if you're playing on PC or console

Vanguard Console Release Time

The official Call of Duty: Vanguard release time on console is set for midnight local time. It means that regardless of where you live in the world, Vanguard launches at midnight on November 5. The below countdown timer is set for those in the UK

Call of Duty Vanguard Console Release Time

Vanguard PC Release Time

The official Call of Duty: Vanguard release time on PC is 9pm PDT / 12am EDT on November 4, which is 4am GMT on November 5. You'll find the full list of confirmed times below and on the map.

  • Los Angeles - 9pm PDT
  • Quebec City - 12am EDT
  • New York - 12am EDT
  • Sao Paulo - 1am BRT(November 5, 2021)
  • London - 4am GMT (November 5, 2021)
  • Paris - 5am CET (November 5, 2021)
  • Moscow - 7am MSK (November 5, 2021)
  • Hong Kong - 12pm HKT (November 5, 2021)
  • Seoul - 1pm KST (November 5, 2021)
  • Tokyo - 1pm JST (November 5, 2021)
  • Sydney - 3pm AEDT (November 5, 2021)

Call of Duty Vanguard PC Release Time

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Latest News

4 November 2021 - Confirmed Field Upgrades

After players quickly discovered the absence of the Trophy System, the full list of available Field Upgrades in multiplayer have been revealed. Ranging from Armor Plates to withstand more damage to a Dead Drop which allows you to continue your previous Killstreak when you respawn, there are plenty of choices to suit all styles of play.

3 November 2021 - No Trophy System

According to several leakers and players that have managed to get hold of Vanguard early, Sledgehammer Games has not included a Trophy System in multiplayer, much to the annoyance of the community that fears there will be no way of stopping endless waves of grenades in multiplayer.

2 November 2021 - Ranked Play Details

Vanguard players have been wondering whether the game will feature a ranked playlist and their demands have been met. Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch have joined forces to create a fully-functioning playlist set to release in 2022. Find everything you need to know about Vanguard Ranked Play in our hub.

1 November 2021 - Zombies Gameplay Leaked

With just four days until the launch of Vanguard, some players that have managed to get their hands on a physical copy of the game have managed to load into Zombies. One user has posted 20 minutes of gameplay from Der Anfang onto YouTube. To avoid any spoilers, we've not posted the video but the link can be found above if you want to see Vanguard Zombies in action.

29 October 2021 - Season 1 Preview Revealed

With just one week until the launch of Vanguard, Activision has published a roadmap detailing the available content when the game launches and what's expected to arrive in Season 1. Before the first season of post-launch content gets underway on December 2nd, iconic multiplayer map Shipment will be returning on November 17th.

28 October 2021 - Vanguard File Sizes Unveiled

With just over a week until Vanguard launches, Activision has released information surrounding the file sizes of the game, and much to everyone's approval, the launch build is significantly smaller than previous releases!

27 October 2021 - New Operators Revealed

As we move closer towards Vanguard's release, Activision and PlayStation are unveiling more intel on some of the Operators that will be available in multiplayer. In the video below, we get the first chance to meet Daniel Take Yatsu.

25 October 2021 - First Zombies Perk Revealed

Hidden in amongst the first screenshots for Der Anfang, Vanguard's all-new Zombies experience, eagle-eyed players managed to uncover the first Perk available to use during a match. Upon closer inspection, Stamin-Up is officially returning in Vanguard Zombies.

21 October 2021 - Changes for Launch

Prior to the launch of Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games has revealed some of the changes that have been made to the game since the beta weekends took place in September. Some of the changes include improvements to spawn logic on certain maps and a nerf to the sun, which had been causing visibility issues. Here's a quick guide on how to reduce the glare in multiplayer.

20 October 2021 -

With just a few weeks until Vanguard's release, many are beginning to expect Sledgehammer Games to unveil some more details on the game. We've already received additional intel on the campaign and Zombies, so more information on multiplayer shouldn't be too far away.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Release Date

Just a few minutes before the Battle of Verdansk event, the release date for Vanguard has been unveiled. The next instalment in the franchise will launch on November 5th. Pre-orders for the game are now live!

Call of Duty Vanguard Trailer

So far, there have been plenty of trailers detailing numerous featured that will be arriving in Vanguard. Check out the very first cinematic trailer giving us the first look at the game below.

Call of Duty Vanguard Leaks

The most recent wave of leaks emerged during the Alpha, with @TheMW2Ghost uncovering a wealth of attachments that will be available for the majority of weapons in the arsenal. There's every chance that this could change but it looks like that it will be a grind to get your hands on every single weapon attachment and Perk!

COD Vanguard Developers

Sledgehammer Games Logo With White Text On A Black Background
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For the first time since the release of COD: WWII, Sledgehammer Games is back in charge of development for COD Vanguard, much to the excitement of the community. The developer has made several hires in recent years and with an expanded team, it's going to be very interesting to see what they've been working on!

COD Vanguard Engine

Vanguard will be using the IW8 engine, the same one used for Modern Warfare and Warzone which should make for a smooth Warzone integration. The engine is widely considered to be the best Call of Duty engine and based on Modern Warfare, we can expect Vanguard to feature plenty of smooth gameplay and movement mechanics.

COD Vanguard Editions

There will be a total of three editions of Vanguard to purchase, each with a variety of in-game bonuses and the ability to upgrade to the current-gen version of the game:

  • Standard Edition
  • Cross-Gen Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

To find out how to pre-order Vanguard, check out our guide.

COD Vanguard Warzone Integration

Overview of Pacific Island With A Bridge Crossing A Stream Of Water
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Vanguard is expected to have extensive integration into Warzone with a brand-new map launching shortly after the release of the game, potentially coinciding with the start of Season 1. For everything you need to know about Warzone's Pacific map, check out our hub containing the latest information.

COD Vanguard Setting

The game is set just after the end of World War 2. The Campaign will see the Gestapo, the political police of Nazi Germany, attempt to reclaim the rights of the party while the allies attempt to stop them.

COD Vanguard Campaign

The campaign will be taking place across four theatres of war, with players getting to play as a member of Task Force One, a special forces unit attempting to halt the launch of Project Phoenix being led by a former Nazi officer. There are four main protagonists in the Vanguard campaign, details of which can be found here.

COD Vanguard Multiplayer

Vanguard's multiplayer offering features a huge amount of content arriving at launch, with 20 multiplayer maps being available to play on November 5th. Alongside plenty of maps, Combat Pacing is the biggest innovation arriving in the game, enabling players to choose between the standard dose of 6v6 action or more hectic gameplay in Blitz where the player count is increased significantly.

Alongside the innovations, Killstreaks are making a return, much to the surprise of players that have preferred Scorestreaks in recent years. Ranging from UAVs to a pack of Attack Dogs, there are plenty of ways to make an impact during a match.

COD Vanguard Zombies

Two Zombies With Arms Out
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Rather than Sledgehammer Games developing a Zombies storyline of their own, Treyarch is leading the development of Der Anfang, an all-new Dark Aether story arc containing a demonic presence attempting to build an army of undead soldiers.

Be sure to check back regularly for all the latest news, leaks, and rumours surrounding Vanguard's release. In the meantime, check out the best weapons to use and a complete list of weapon camouflages arriving into the game.

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