What Does The New Cutscene Mean For The Warzone Story In Season 2?

As the final Warzone update of Season One goes live across all platforms, a brand-new cutscene has appeared when players load into the game for the first time after the update has been completed.

The 30-second clip continues the story from the beginning of Season One, where Soviet fugitive Stitch had lured agent Russell Adler to The Pines shopping mall. Upon his arrival, Adler discovered barrels of Nova 6 gas that were primed for detonation.

During the clip, a fierce firefight between the two forces immerses the mall and ends with Stitch and his comrades capturing Adler. The clip ends with Stitch bundling Adler onto a helicopter before taking off to an unknown location.

What exactly does this new cutscene mean for the storyline in Season Two? We take a closer look.

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What Happens To Adler?

Adler Warzone Storyline
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How will Adler escape the clutches of Stitch?

Now in the hands of Stitch, who’s clearly after revenge after Adler removed his eye several years ago, the fate of Adler could go in several directions.

The most obvious one is Stitch fulfilling his plan and eliminating Adler altogether but considering that we’re just about to enter Season Two, this is an unlikely course of events to take place so early in the story.

Another direction that could be taken involves the rescue of Adler. It’s more than likely Stitch and his men have taken him to some form of top-secret safehouse in a bid to extract some form of intelligence from the mind of Adler.

As we’ve seen in the single-player campaign, Adler is one tough nut to crack, and as Stitch fails to extract any useful intel and is about to eliminate Adler, a group of elite US operatives breach the building and escort him to safety. This could easily spell the end for Stitch, who bears no allegiance or affiliation to any nation.

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A New Warzone Map?

New Warzone Map Ural Mountains
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Has Stitch taken refuge within the new Warzone map?

The rumour mill surrounding the release of a brand-new Warzone map have continued to rumble on, but with nothing official ever materialising.

With Adler whisked away to an undisclosed location, Stitch may well have taken him into the Ural Mountains, the rumoured location of the new Warzone map.

The 10th of March marks the first anniversary of the immensely popular battle royale title, and tying in the story with a reveal of the new map would make a lot of sense.

Scheduled to begin at the end of February, expect more teasers for Season Two to emerge in the not-too-distant future!

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