5 Reasons Why The New Warzone Map Will Be Better Than Verdansk

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Season Two for Call of Duty’s popular battle royale Warzone is well underway.

The new season ushered in a wealth of changes to the game, including adding new weapons to the arsenal and the appearance of new points of interest across Verdansk.

With the discovery of more nuclear missiles within the new silos that have opened, many members of the community believe that the end of Verdansk as we know it is on the horizon.

As the seemingly imminent release of a brand-new Warzone map edges ever-closer, we’ve compiled five reasons as to why the new map will be better than the current iteration of Verdansk.

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Twitter user @_Tom_Henderson_  has stated that once Verdansk is gone, it'll be gone for good.

There will be no seperate playlist or map voting, there wil only be one map available to players at a time. 

1) The Bigger The Better

If rumours are to be believed, the new Warzone map will be much bigger than Verdansk.

Some players are often annoyed at the fact a large amount of the map is cordoned off by an invisible boundary, but with the new map, it appears that this won’t be an issue.

With a bigger playing space, it could open the door to even bigger player counts dropping into matches, further adding to the fast and furious gameplay that Warzone has become synonymous for.

2) New Areas To Explore

New Warzone Map Alpine
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While Verdansk does feature a variety of areas to explore, dropping into the same map over and over again can get boring quickly.

The addition of a brand-new map complete with brand-new points of interest and areas to drop into would be a refreshing change to landing everywhere from the Airport to Superstore on a regular basis.

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3)     Back To The Cold War

The current iteration of Verdansk is still set in the same timeframe as the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare.

With all post-launch content seemingly wrapped up for Modern Warfare, it would make a lot of sense to introduce a map corresponding to the setting of the Cold War, further integrating Black Ops Cold War into the Warzone universe.

The new map could still contain a few features that already exist in the current version of Verdansk. Areas such as the quarry and farmland could easily receive a makeover with additional buildings or something completely different filling the space, providing a new, yet familiar setting for players.

4)     No More Downtown!

Warzone Downtown Verdansk
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Downtown Verdansk is arguably the most unpopular area of the current Warzone map thanks to the several buildings that players can hide in.

A new map would likely see the area of the map once and for all, much to the delight of all the players that have been caught out by a pesky camper waiting for them to barge through a door at breakneck speed.

If the new Warzone map is heading back to the Cold War, perhaps more open areas with fewer opportunities to evade a trip to the Gulag by hiding in a corner.

5)     Just Keep Swimming

The release of a brand-new Warzone map would be the perfect time to add a swimming mechanic to Warzone. It’s strange thinking about how the majority of Verdansk is surrounded by water but it can’t be accessed as it appears that all of Warzone’s elite combat Operators can’t swim.

Black Ops Cold War features a swimming mechanic and enables players to create unorthodox flanking routes around specific areas of the map, and if the new Warzone map features several bodies of water, it would make a lot of sense to grant players the ability to swim.

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