When Is The New Warzone Map Releasing?

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Season Two for Call of Duty’s popular battle royale Warzone is in full swing.

The new season has bought in a wealth of content to the game, including new weapons, Operators, and brand-new points of interest located throughout Verdansk.


With the addition of missile silos, some of which contain nuclear missiles, the rumours surrounding the total destruction of Verdansk have picked up once again.

With the potential end of Verdansk as we know it on the horizon, when is the new Warzone map releasing?

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New Warzone Map Release Date

New Warzone Map Season 2

Will the new Warzone map look like this?

With plenty of leaks and rumours doing the rounds, the release of a new Warzone map could be a lot sooner than some players are expecting.

Despite no official announcement from Activision or Raven Software, many believe that the new map will make its debut on March 11th to commemorate the first anniversary of the battle royale.

Want to find out more about the new map? Click here for everything you need to know!


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As always, leaks and rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt but many sources that are reporting a March 11th release date have correctly predicted other pieces of content and their release dates in the past.

What Will Happen To Verdansk?

With the rumour of some form of live event taking place that will lead to the destruction of the current Verdansk map, the map could well be disappearing altogether…


It’s unlikely that Verdansk will be disappearing completely as it is now an integral part of the Call of Duty universe.

The likely outcome of the live event will see players transported to an older version of Verdansk that is set in the Cold War.

This is all theory and until we get any more information, we will have to wait and see what’s in store for the Warzone map!

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Twitter user @_Tom_Henderson_  has stated that once Verdansk is gone, it'll be gone for good.

There will be no seperate playlist or map voting, there wil only be one map available to players at a time. 

However, this doesn't rule out the possibility of some sort of 'time machine' in the future.