When Is Verdansk Getting Nuked?

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Season Two for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has gone live across all platforms.

The start of the new season has introduced a wealth of brand-new content across both titles, including new Operators, a brand-new Battle Pass, and the addition of new points of interest to Verdansk.

The opening of several missile silos alongside the arrival of a cargo ship containing Zombies is suggesting that something major is going to change the fate of the Warzone map forever in the not-too-distant future.

With numerous theories floating around surrounding the impending demise of the Warzone map, when is it going to happen and what do we know about it?

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When Is Verdansk Being Destroyed?

We're expecting it to occur on the 21st April 2021 - this is when the current season ends and Season 3 will begin.

Season 3 is expected to be when the new map is finally implemented.

This particular question has been on the lips of several Warzone players ever since the discovery of a nuclear missile tucked away inside Bunker 10.

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A Volcanic Eruption?

While the signs are pointing towards a nuclear ending to the current version of Verdansk, the map could be on course for a more natural ending.

Data miner @TheGhostOfHope has released an image from within the Warzone game files that looks like some form of volcanic eruption may take place.

Warzone Map Destroyed
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With the clear presence of lava and magma all over the map, could a nearby mountain contain a deadly secret?

Although the presence of lava does imply a volcanic eruption, if we take a look back at Black Ops history, another event also generated incredible amounts of molten rock.

The Moon Easter Egg for Zombies saw the detonation of three nuclear devices, which also generated plenty of lava.

Perhaps multiple nukes are going to destroy Verdansk to pave the way for a Cold War-themed version of the Warzone map.

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