Call of Duty issue temporarily renders players unable to log into Warzone and Modern Warfare 2

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Call of Duty player holding SMG and Ghost wearing headphones and grey mask
Credit: Activision

As you'd expect given how important multiplayer is to the experience they offer Call of Duty games get plenty of updates on a regular basis. In some cases, Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 players have to sit out of the action and wait for the update to finish, but in others, the game will automatically apply changes when loading into the main menus.

As the attention starts turning towards the launch of Season 6, some Warzone players aren't happy with a lack of target visibility, while others are starting to focus on the release of Modern Warfare 3.

On September 18, 2023, the developers released a small update to both games that looks to have caused a bit of disruption and left some players temporarily unable to play online.

Call of Duty update breaks Warzone and MW2 for PlayStation users

Shortly after the update rolled out, a number of players took to social media and Reddit having received the Goldflake error code, indicating that they couldn't were unable to drop into the action.

Thankfully, the issue was an isolated one. The Call of Duty updates account quickly announced the release of a hotfix that's allowed PlayStation players to return to action. The post from it read: "We've just released a small update that mitigates an ongoing service issue with our partner that prevented PlayStation players from matchmaking."

Although players now have the ability to play Warzone and MW2 without encountering the Goldflake error, there are many continuing to demand further fixes. One player says: Fix the high-velocity ammo on SMGs and pistols please!" Another adds: "Fix the shadow ban loop."

While there might still be plenty of potential issues impacting various elements of the Call of Duty franchise, players are now able to play once again.

The next update for Warzone and MW2 is expected to be the launch of Season 6 on September 27. Like the beginning of previous seasons, the final season of the current cycle will feature a new battle pass, new additions to the weapon arsenal, and if leaks are to be believed, the start of the Warzone Halloween event.

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