Call of Duty Season 5 bug seemigly breaks mastery camo

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Screenshot of Call of Duty mastery camo and Ghost standing on plane ramp
Credit: Activision

The Call of Duty franchise has long been known for boasting an extensive range of weapon camouflages, which players can unlock in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

Season 5 is now underway and players dropping into the action are loving the latest collection of Operator skins available in the games. Additionally, recent tweaks to Ricochet anti-cheat mean bans are now shown in the kill feed during matches.

While the anti-cheat measures look to be working, the launch of the new season has also seemingly seen a bug emerge which is preventing players from adding a mastery camouflage to their favourite weapons.

Call of Duty mastery camo is broken

After attempting to equip the Orion mastery camo, user Klubhead has shared on Reddit that they received a message informing them they were trying to use an invalid camouflage.

Based on the post's comments, it appears the issue could be affecting all of the animated camouflages available in Warzone. One player said: "I can equip (the camo) and use it in-game, but I can't save a weapon loadout with it equipped."

Those that have worked through the extensive list of challenges required to unlock the camo are far from impressed, with one player declaring: "Ok, now that's a huge issue. Hope it gets fixed soon."

The exact cause of the apparent issue remains a mystery, but, the problem does look to have coincided with the launch of the latest seasonal update. We'll have to wait and see if the game's developers plan on applying a fix, so players can equip their hard-earned camouflages and use them on the battlefield.

Bugs continue to impact Call of Duty players. In recent weeks, a Warzone gulag glitch gave players the wrong weapons, providing one fighter with a major advantage over their opponent.


On the plus side, at least there are plenty of other weapon designs to choose from in the gunsmith.

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