Warzone gulag bug gives players the wrong weapons

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Screenshot of Warzone gulag and Warzone player taking cover while holding gun
Credit: Activision

The gulag acts as a last-chance saloon for Warzone players seeking a second chance at victory. Those that successfully win their one on one duel get to return to the action, but for those that don't, it's a trip back to the main menu.

With Season 5 right around the corner, the reveal of Nicki Minaj as a playable Operator has split player opinion. Meanwhile, a few FPS fanatics have been calling for a full server reset in order to fix some pesky performance issues.

The latest problem affecting the game involves the gulag. Instead of players battling it out with the same loadout, as should be the case, a bug is seeing some be given stronger weaponry, resulting in them gaining an unfair advantage.

Warzone mismatched weapon bug

During a recent match, Reddit user FarrOutMan7 found themselves in the gulag with a BAS-P submachine gun equipped. After they lost the fight, the subsequent killcam revealed that their opponent was rocking some superior firepower.

Much to their annoyance, the poster's opponent was armed with an ISO 45 instead of a BAS-P. As one player in the thread said: "What, what? Both of you should have the same gun. That is weird."

Others were also confused by the bug, with user Broad_Positive1790 declaring: "(That's the) weirdest bug I've ever seen. Since when don't you have the same gun?"

Typically, gulag matches are fought between two players equipped with exactly the same weaponry, in order to create a level playing field. With some currently loading in with one of the best guns available, there's a huge advantage in the quest to become the last player standing on offer for those who encounter this issue.

The exact cause of the bug is unclear as of writing, but, with a new season on the horizon, there's every chance Raven Software addresses it, in addition to fixing some other bugs.


In the meantime, be aware of gulag opponents that could have the advantage before the countdown timer ticks to zero.

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