Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fans slam UI layout

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Call of Duty Captain Price kneeling while holding gun and player looking down while holding gun
Credit: Activision

The user interface of a Call of Duty game, also known as the UI, determines how easy it is to navigate through menus and forming an integral part of the playing experience on offer. Whether they're accessing loadouts or finding the friend list, players always want interacting with such screens to be a seamless and straightforward process.

With all eyes now focusing on the launch of Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games continues to regularly share more information on what it has in store. In addition to revealing new Open Combat Missions, players think the latest trailer has teased a new Warzone map that some expect to launch once the new cycle begins.

The aspect of Modern Warfare 3 Sledgehammer has showcased is a first look at its UI. Unfortunately, players aren't best pleased with the lack of changes it shows when compared to previous entries in the series.

Call of Duty players unhappy with Modern Warfare 3 UI

After spotting a screenshot of the UI in a recent blog post, user Tactikz4 has taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations. They argues: "(Sledgehammer) are really bringing the same UI layout. Sorry, but horizontal scrolling sucks."

Based on the post's comments, there are many unhappy players surrounding the decision to keep the horizontal interface. One player said: "I just don't understand how someone can design a UI like this for a console/PC game, get it approved, get massive criticism, and still not (do) an overhaul."

On the other hand, some players aren't surprised with the decision to keep the same Call of Duty UI design for another year, with one asking others: "Did you really expect a different UI for a sequel to a game on the same engine?"

The lack of changes to the Modern Warfare 3 UI may frustrate players, but it's part of Activision's plan to synchronise up the Call of Duty universe. Instead of Modern Warfare 3 featuring a different UI layout to Warzone and Warzone Mobile, each game will use the same UI.

Sledgehammer Games is no stranger to acknowledging player feedback, so there's always a chance changes are made before the final build launches.

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