Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fans hope devs will acknowledge player feedback

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Modern Warfare 3 Soap on red background and player aiming with assault rifle in front of cherry blossom tree
Credit: Activision

Over the years, different studios working on Call of Duty have often stuck to their guns when it comes to various design and development philosophies. With all eyes moving towards the launch of Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games is spearheading development once again.

Plenty of information about the game is expected to arrive following its reveal event and a number of teasers have already revealed the map list, in addition to the return of an iconic villain.

As the days tick down towards the MW3's worldwide release, players are hoping that, once it arrives, Sledgehammer will acknowledge their feedback in order to ensure the game develops into the kind of experience they're looking for.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 players want their feedback to be listened to

With players looking forward to seeing what Sledgehammer Games has in store, user DoomWad has taken to Reddit to share their concerns about a possible "lack of quality" the game might have if it follows the trends of some previous entries in the series.

The player argued: "Sledgehammer bungled Cold War so bad that Treyarch had to take over. (So,) suffice (it) to say I don't have the highest confidence that they're going to make a worthwhile Call of Duty."

Despite their concerns, there's plenty of optimism from other Modern Warfare 3 players eagerly anticipating its release. One asserted: "Say what you want about (Sledgehammer Games), but they listen to feedback quite well."

Sledgehammer Games often acknowledges and applies player feedback to its releases and with the rumoured return of a popular movement mechanic, so far, it looks like the developer has been listening to the desires of those dropping into the action.

With plenty of other changes and innovations expected as part of the game, the hopes of Modern Warfare 3 players are starting to grow. One player thinks: "(Judging by) all the leaks and rumours, it may be the best CoD in a while."


The beta will be the first opportunity for players to get their hands on Modern Warfare 3. With it currently rumoured to be taking place in early October, there may well be only a few months to go until players have a chance to play and see how the developer has applied any suggestions they've made.

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