Microsoft inks 10-year Call of Duty deal with Nintendo

Captain Price holding gun and Mario running
Credit: Activision / Nintendo

Captain Price holding gun and Mario running
Credit: Activision / Nintendo

Following the news of Microsoft acquiring Activision, Sony’s opposition to the monumental deal continues to appear. While the makers of PlayStation are far from pleased, Microsoft is still keen to complete the deal.

In recent weeks, the Call of Duty franchise is proving to be a hot topic of debate between the firms behind Xbox and PlayStation. Phil Spencer has even offered Sony a ten-year deal that ensures the shooter franchise releases on its platform at the same time as Xbox, but it appears there’s no sign of progress.

Elsewhere, Microsoft secured a decade-long agreement with Nintendo once it acquired Activision, meaning Call of Duty could head to Switch in the not-too-distant future.

Call of Duty on Nintendo

On December 7, Spencer confirmed the news that sees the shooter franchise heading to Nintendo platforms for the next decade. With the war of words heating up between Microsoft and Sony, the timing of the announcement is certainly interesting.

In addition to Nintendo, the Xbox head honcho reveals Call of Duty will remain on Steam when the merger is complete. The launch of Modern Warfare 2 saw the franchise return to Valve’s platform and has held its place in the top five of the top sellers chart since October.

As for Nintendo, some of you may remember Call of Duty appearing on DS and Wii and as expected, the titles were a far cry from their PC and console counterparts. However, with improvements in hardware and the possibility of dedicated development teams porting over titles optimised for Switch, there’s potential for handheld Call of Duty to be great.

Microsoft’s merger with Activision is expected to take place in 2023. A recent New York Post report claims the Federal Trade Commission is softening its stance on the deal which could act as the catalyst for other industry regulators to approve the deal. Whatever happens, giving fans more ways to play Call of Duty is a positive.

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