Call of Duty leak potentially reveals new licensed Operators

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Call of Duty player running and Skeletor from He Man holding staff
Credit: Activision / Mattel

The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to collaborations with TV series and movies, with these usually bringing some recognisable characters into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and Warzone.

With Season 5 Reloaded in full swing, players are getting to grips with the recently released Lachmann Shroud SMG. Despite the new content making its way to both games, some players have been ditching Warzone altogether in favour of a rival battle royale.

Following the launch of the mid-season update, dataminers are claiming to have uncovered in-game files that could potentially relate to the launch of four new licensed Operators in the not-too-distant future.

Call of Duty could be getting some new licensed Operators soon

The leak in question comes from notable dataminer leakers141 and claims that Evil Dead's Ash Williams, He Man's Skeletor, Image Universe's Spawn, and Hellsing's Alucard might be the next characters in line to receive their very own cosmetic bundles.

The discovery has prompted plenty of positive reactions from players who're now looking forward to these characters possibly making an appearance in the Call of Duty universe. One such player replied: "So we get a gun-toting vampire, a chainsaw arm-wielding demon slayer, a literal hellspawn, and a laughing magical skeleton? This Halloween is packed!"

While many are impressed with the sheer variety of characters that leak alleges are on their way to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, others are already turning their attention to the possibility of a spooky seasonal event taking place, with one asking: "Do we know when the Halloween event (will be)?"

As with all leaks, it's important to take this one with a big pinch of salt and wait until Activision confirms the upcoming content for the final stretch of the current cycle before getting excited.

However, this particular leaker possesses an impressive track record when it comes to uncovering unreleased content. So, there's always a chance there could be some degree of accuracy to their claims.

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