5 Tips And Tricks For Cold War Zombies

After what seems like an age of teasers and reveals, the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally here!

The fifth instalment in the Black Ops series will see players drop into the height of the Cold War once again.

Black Ops Cold War is a direct sequel to the very first Black Ops title which released a decade ago.

Along with a new single-player campaign and multiplayer experience, the release of Black Ops Cold War marks the return of Zombies to Call of Duty!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or someone that is just about to hop into their very first Zombies game, there are some essential tips and tricks that will help you survive endless waves of the undead.

In this article, find five handy tips and tricks to help you achieve success in Black Ops Cold War Zombies!

1) Communication Is Key

Communicating with your fellow teammates is arguably the most important tip or trick to have when playing Zombies.

Giving and receiving information is often the key to making it into the higher rounds.

Even if you don’t have a microphone, use the ping system to communicate the location of loot, locations and the whereabouts of a horde of Zombies.

DON'T be selfish and horde your points for the mystery box or pack-a-punch...buy some doors...you know who you are.

2) Create the Perfect Loadout

Black Ops Cold War Zombies differs from previous experiences.

Players will have the option to start the game with a custom loadout, giving you a significant advantage in the early rounds of the game.

Select a weapon that suits your style of play. Want to sprint around the map slaying everything in sight? Opt for an SMG.

If you’re after something that packs a bit more of a punch, select a fast-firing LMG with plenty of ammo to keep you going into the later rounds.

Black Ops Cold War Custom Loadouts
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Create the ultimate Zombies loadout

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3) Utilise Armour

Armour is one of the brand-new features coming to Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Acquired from a rare drop from enemies or purchased using Salvage, Armour provides an additional layer of protection from the undead.

Keep a close on eye on the state of your Armour. If you get overrun its effectiveness can diminish in an instant, so remember to look for any Armour Shards to partly repair it or spend some Salvage for a complete repair.

4) Scorestreaks

For the very first time, Scorestreaks have arrived in Zombies!

With the ability to call in a variety of equipment to help you and your team out of a sticky situation, Scorestreaks are the perfect tool to decimate a wave of the undead with ease.

Scorestreaks can be earned by reaching a specific amount of score and if you’re lucky, you might get your hands on one from the Mystery Box!

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Scorestreaks
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Let the Sentry Gun do all the work!

5) Try To Spread Out

Train zombies in a certain area of the map, preferably a big open space.

Try to not overlap each other or cluster into one area as Zombies will break formation and trap you all together.

In games that feature more than one player, there are many more zombies that spawn.

So being able to spread them out will make everyone's day a bit easier.

When zombies line up, you'll be able to mow them down and deal damage to multiple zombies at once.

This will see you rack up points quickly, due to bullet penetration, but also save you ammo as your bullets will deal damage to more zombies.

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