Tips And Tricks To Play Outbreak In Cold War

Season Two for Black Ops Cold War is finally here after weeks of teasers and trailers.

The new season will feature a huge wave of content added to the game, including new weapons, multiplayer maps, game modes, Operators and so much more.

One of the highlights of the new season is the hotly anticipated release of Outbreak, a large-scale, open-world Zombies game mode that offers a completely new experience for fans that love to slay endless waves of the undead.

After several hours of attempting to outlast the undead, we found a few techniques that will help when it comes to completing the objectives and surviving any threats that come your way.

Here are five handy tips and tricks that will give you the upper hand in Outbreak.

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1) On A Swivel

With the Outbreak zones being vast spaces, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Rather than staying in a specific area of the map for a length of time, be sure to stay on the move whether it’s making your way to the next objective or towards the exfil zone where a crowd of undead opposition will be awaiting your arrival.

It can be all too easy to be downed by a Zombie that has managed to sneak up behind you, so keeping your head on a swivel is a sure-fire way of surviving as long as possible.

2) Points Mean Prizes

With no direct path to the objective, there are plenty of chances to amass tens of thousands of points which can be used to purchase Perks, upgrade armour, and to Pack-A-Punch your weapons.

If you find yourself a few hundred points short of Pack-A-Punching your XM4 to the next level, rather than heading straight towards the objective, roam around the Outbreak zone and slay any opposition you may find.

Be sure to aim for the head as you will receive additional points which can often be the difference between buying Juggernog or having to go another round ducking and diving away from Zombies to ensure your survival.

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3) Stick Together

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During Escort and Holdout objectives, staying within close proximity of your teammates is crucial when it comes to fending off any resistance if any player hits the deck after getting overrun by a couple of Manglers.

By sticking together, you’ll be able to lend vital support to any squad members alongside the ability to quickly perform a revive if the crowd of undead becomes too hot to handle. Having four players close by is also handy when it comes to taking down any Elite enemies that spawn all over the Outbreak zone.

4) Loot Boxes

Throughout the Outbreak zone, there are several loot boxes that can be found. Ranging from small boxes that contain a small amount of ammo and some salvage, to large boxes full of items including weapons, Perks, and even Support Streaks.

The first area is a great time to bolster your loadout with some extremely powerful and useful items that will come in handy in future rounds where it becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate the undead scattered across the area.

The best places to find loot boxes are inside buildings and in the communication towers of Ruka. Be aware that Zombies will spawn in as soon as you enter the room so keep your wits about you!

5) Use Exfil To Your Avantage

The choice between advancing to the next area or calling in an exfil helicopter to escape the undead is often a difficult choice to make, but with plenty of rewards to be earned by successfully exiting the zone, you make it out alive and with all the loot earned from that particular game.

If you’ve completed the objective and think you can escape the area, activate the beacon and call for an exfil. A countdown clock will appear alongside a waypoint that must be reached before the time runs out. Once you’ve arrived, clear out any Zombies blocking the chopper’s landing area and climb aboard to earn your rewards.

Exiting the zone rather than risking another round is certainly a sensible option if you are under-equipped for stronger opposition.

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