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24 Feb 2021

Firebase Z Teleporter Glitch: How To Get To The Teleporter For Free

This has now been patched and no longer works

The brand new Firebase Z map has been one of the best zombies maps in quite some time.

The map is chalked full of new twists and turns for seasoned zombies players, and the easter egg is amazing.

One twist that a lot of players do not know about is a new way to skip purchasing the first day within Firebase Z.

Instead, players can perform a rather tricky jump that will get them to the teleporter for free!

Here's how.


This is one of the most interesting secrets that Treyarch has added to the game.

This little parkour course will allow players to skip purchasing the first door and immediately hit the teleporter to the main portion of the Firebase Z map.

All you have to do is head over to the right side lower balcony of the spawn village.

Then you are going to sprint at full speed until the end of the balcony. Then, strafe jump onto the ledge to your immediate right and spam your climb button.

Image via DizzyOP

It will never look like you are going to make this jump, and it may take some time in order to get it down correctly.

Eventually, you will make it onto the ledge in front of you.

Then you are going to want to turn around and jump over across where you just came from. As there will be another ledge you can jump onto. 

Image via DizzyOP

Finally, jump over the ledge and you should be good to go!