Warzone Zombies Outbreak Event: Content, Release Date, Rewards and More

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Season Two for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is right around the corner.

Alongside the release of new maps, weapons, game modes, and Operators, a brand-new limited-time mode is arriving to the battle royale.


Get ready for Call of Duty's next event with Outbreak! 

It's still unclear as to what will feature in this event, but from what we know it's shaping up to be amazing!

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There isn't too much information out at the moment, but we can expect something similar to the 'Haunting of Verdansk' event that released last year.


It's known that this event will happen in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone meaning all players will have access to the new game mode.  

We can also expect this game mode to feature an 'exfil' option for extra rewards.

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In general, this new game mode sounds great and will be an interesting twist on the standard Warzone PvP environment.


Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date for the Outbreak event.

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There's a chance it will release alongside Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War, but we'll have to wait for more info from Activision regarding the launch of the event.



We know new rewards will be launching alongside Outbreak. However, we still don't know how you'll earn them.

As mentioned before, Outbreak will bring a host of new challenges to Warzone, meaning we'll likely be getting rewards in the form of blueprints on completion. 

What would you like to see added in this new game mode?

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