Cold War All Campaign Endings Explained

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest instalment in the storied first-person shooter franchise.

The direct sequel to the first Black Ops title that released over a decade ago drops players into the height of the Cold War as iconic character Alex Mason and Frank Woods attempt to track down Perseus, a Soviet spy said to have infiltrated American intelligence.

The campaign is a typical Call of Duty blockbuster filled with action-packed levels such as ‘Nowhere Left to Run’ and missions synonymous with the Black Ops universe such as ‘Break on Through.’

Just like previous Black Ops titles, the single-player campaign for Black Ops Cold War contains multiple endings depending on the path you choose to take.

In this article, we explain all of the possible endings.

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SPOLIER ALERT: Before you read any further, this article does contain MAJOR SPOILERS of the campaign so it’s probably best to bookmark this page and read it once you’ve completed the story.

Identity Crisis

Black Ops Cold War Endings Explained
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Throughout the campaign, you assume the control of an operative known as Bell.

In Identity Crisis, you learn that Bell isn’t who they seem to be. Although you see memories of Bell fighting alongside Agent Adler in Vietnam, it turns out the CIA had implanted these memories.

Bell is a rogue Russian operative that used to work alongside Perseus, the main antagonist in the campaign.

Now Bell knows their true identity, you are left with a few choices to make. You can tell Adler the truth about the location of Perseus or you can opt to lie and send Adler and the rest of the team to another location to throw them off the scent.

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The Good Ending - The Final Countdown

Black Ops Cold War Campaign Good Ending
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By telling Adler the location of Perseus, you will unlock the good ending of the campaign.

Bell, Adler, Woods, Mason, and the rest of the team descend on the location of Perseus and the transmitters primed to detonate a wave of nuclear missiles across the world.

With the transmitters destroyed and the world seemingly avoiding a nuclear catastrophe, Adler and Bell make their way to a cliffside. The two characters draw a weapon on each other and pull the trigger at the same time.

The screen quickly fades to black unclear as to who shot who and if anyone survived…

The Bad Ending - Ashes To Ashes

Black Ops Cold War Campaign Bad Ending
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Now you know the truth behind Bell and how the CIA is manipulating them for their own agenda, you can choose another ending.

Rather than telling Adler the truth, you can tell Adler the wrong location of Perseus’ transmitters to trigger what’s considered the bad ending.

This ending sees Bell rebel against the team, killing every one of them, allowing Perseus to detonate the nuclear weapons.

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The Worst Ending

Black Ops Cold War Campaign Worst Ending
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The worst ending to the campaign goes one better than the bad ending. If Bell doesn’t alert Adler to what Perseus has in store at all, Adler kills Bell and Perseus launches the weapons.

It’s a similar ending to the bad ending but contains much less action.

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