Black Ops Cold War: Assassin Perk Description Updated By Treyarch To Avoid Confusion

The Black Ops Cold War beta is out and in full swing.

Fans are enjoying trying out and playing the title before it's full release in November.

So far, the feedback surrounding the game has been overwhelmingly positive.

A lot of players requested a number of changes heading from the alpha to the beta.

Treyarch has selected and implemented some of these changes, for example, the detailed stat menu for Gunsmith.

However, heading into the beta there was a lot of confusion surrounding the Assassin perk.

This was rooted in the perk's description and fans were unsure exactly how it worked.

Treyarch Changes Assassin Perk Description

The description fo the Assassin perk at the start of the beta had some fans scratching their heads.

Treyarch didn't take long amending the confusion for players.

An update has been made today to the description of the perk and it's definitely easier to understand now.

If you're wondering how the two descriptions compare, check them out below:


Enemies on a killstreak have a crosshair indicator on your mini-map. Receive extra score for taking them down


Enemies that appear on your minimap by shooting or when revealed by a UAV will have a crosshair indicator instead of a red dot if they are on a scorestreak. Receive extra Score for taking them down.


It's clear the updated description of the perk is the better version.

It's great to see Treyarch making immediate changes when confusion is in the air.

Let's hope the beta is successful and allows Treyarch to identify the necessary changes before the title's release.


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