Black Ops Cold War: David Vonderhaar Confirms Ranked Mode

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With Black Ops Cold War launching in a month's time, we're getting stuck into the multiplayer beta this weekend.

But once thing that hasn't been mentioned much is a ranked mode...UNTIL NOW.


David Vonderhaar, Game Designer and Director at Treyarch, has answered one of our dying questions.

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David Vonderhaar Confirms Ranked Mode

David Vonderhaar has confirmed a ranked mode will arrive in Black Ops Cold War.


During an Xfinity stream, he was interviewed by well-known influencer GoldGlove who happened to ask about ranked play.

He said: “Have you seen a Black Ops game without a competitive agenda?”

👀 @DavidVonderhaar talks about ranked play in Cold War(Audio is chalked) Credit:
— CDL Intel (@INTELCallofDuty)
October 8, 2020

But he did confirm that the beta will not have a ranked mode.


This puts the worry of many players at ease for now, but what that ranked play will look like is still unknown.

One can only wonder what system they will implement and whether it will be added at launch.

Black Ops 2's ranked play was fantastic, it blended the serious competitive setting with a simple and casual structure that anyone could get into.

The Black Ops 4 system was very complicated and made it very difficult to progress once ranked. This can always happen with MMR in ranked based modes for games, but Black Ops 4 made it very tough for solo players.


In contrast, Modern Warfare opted for a playlist based of the CDL ruleset, which was far too casual and had no ranking system.

It also didn't release until later into the game's cycle, meaning those competitive players had few opportunities to hone their craft.

Hopefully, Treyarch will have learnt from past mistakes and continue what looks like a great game ahead.

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