Black Ops Cold War: Teaser Trailer Banned In China

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Black Ops Cold War's full reveal is set to arrive on August 26th.

The recent teaser that was released August 19th has had players counting down the days before the game's full reveal.


However, the full-length version of the trailer has been banned in China.

Cold War's Full-Length Teaser Banned In China

A full-length version of the teaser trailer was unlocked by fans after the completion of a campaign on the PawnTakesPawn website.

This extended teaser trailer showed a second long clip of the Tiananmen Square video.


This video depicts a man standing in front of a number of tanks during the student-led Beijing protests of 1989.

Activision made the decision to change the video, making it private and then removing the clip from the teaser.

You can check out the teaser below:


This incident demonstrates how careful publishers have to be when producing content that will be seen in China.

The strict policies surrounding what citizens can view limits what publishers can use in their trailers.

Now the Tiananmen Square clip has been removed, the teaser is now viewable in China.

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