Baldur’s Gate 3 hotfix rolled back due to crashes, rendering some saves temporarily unusable (updated)

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Some characters in Baldur's Gate 3.
Credit: Larian Studios

Now that it’s finally emerged from early access, Baldur’s Gate 3 has already surpassed a lot of expectations, having attracted a huge amount of players keen to embark on the journey to its highest levels.

Despite some bizarre achievement issues and unhappiness over the endings on offer for one of its key characters, the general verdict on the game has been extremely positive, and its modding scene is already in full swing.

Unfortunately, some issues with BG3’s latest hotfix that have caused it to be temporarily rolled back, currently meaning that you might have to put your romance% speedrun attempts, or efforts to hoard every item in the game, on hold for the time being.

Have you temporarily lost any progress due to the issues with Baldur’s Gate 3’s latest hotfix?

A few hours after Baldur’s Gate 3’s fourth hotfix went live, Larian Studios revealed in a tweet: “Due to a build error causing new crashes, we’ve rolled back Hotfix 4 for the time being. We'll re-release it as soon as we’ve fixed the cause.”

The studio added: “To clarify, we’ve rolled back to hotfix 3, so you can keep playing! You just won't be able to load saves [made while] today’s hotfix 4 [was active] until it’s pushed live again.”

While a fair few managed to miss out on being inconvenienced due to life commitments, plenty of players have deceived the effect that the hotfix’s rollback has had on their adventures, with several reporting having temporarily lost between two and four hours of progress.

Some, such as user Fl1pSide208 even reported that they’d “been playing so long that Hotfix 4 came out and got rolled back in the same session.”

Thankfully, many seem to be taking the helpfully brief disruption pretty well, suggesting it’ll give them a chance to actually socialise with relatives or go outside, activities which have taken a firm backseat to playing the game since the start of this month.

Update: Larian has now re-released Hotfix 4 and announced measures it'll be taking to try and avoid having similar issues with future updates to the game.

Regardless of whether you’re currently catching up on everything that’s happened to your family since you went into Baldur's Gate 3 hibernation, make sure to follow us for plenty of guides to its builds, mechanics, and characters.

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