Baldur’s Gate 3’s bizarre achievement percentage issues are being looked into

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Some characters in Baldur's Gate 3.
Credit: Larian Studios.

Now that it’s finally emerged from early access, Baldur’s Gate 3 has already surpassed a lot of expectations, having attracted a huge amount of players keen to embark on the long journey to its highest levels.

Streamers have already shown off some of the fun the full version of the game has to offer, and its modding scene is already producing plenty of interesting tweaks and enhancements, including the option to play as an ex-goat.

Since the game’s release, thousands of players have delved into it and begun to scythe through quests and battles, but an apparent issue has been causing the game’s achievements not to reflect some of this progress. Thankfully, one of the game’s developers has now confirmed that this is being looked into.

Did you think a massive amount of Baldur’s Gate 3 were still busy trying to choose the right nose for their character?

As a number of players have pointed out since Larian’s RPG arrived in full last week, some of the percentages Steam has occasionally been showing alongside the game achievements have seemed a bit far-fetched.

The most baffling instance some players had spotted saw the ‘Descent From Avernus’ achievement, earned by simply reaching the end of the game’s intro after creating your character, be shown as having only been earned by 0.1% of players.

Now, in a series of tweets, Larian’s Director of Publishing, Michael Douse, has acknowledged that the studio is “looking into” the issue of Steam possibly “inconsistently showing achievement percentages.” They added: “91.6% finished the tutorial, as opposed to the listed 0.1% of players.”

While the completion percentage for ‘Descent From Avernus’ is listed at 76.6% instead of the 91.6% seemingly cited by Douse, as of writing, the numbers cited in the game’s Global Gameplay Stats on Steam look not to be affected by any obvious issues or errors.

For instance, it’s relatively easy to believe that just 0.1% of players have managed to earn the likes of the ‘Fancy Footwork' achievement, which is unlocked by defeating Gortash in Wyrm's Rock without activating any traps.

That said, in a Reddit thread reacting to Douse’s tweet, some players have suggested that they don’t think they’ve been awarded certain achievements they should have earned during their playthroughs to this point, which could be related to the apparent percentage issues.


As of writing, Larian doesn’t look to have announced that the issue with achievements has been fixed, but this article will be updated ASAP if such confirmation arrives.

Regardless of whether you’re currently still trying to reach the conclusion of Baldur’s Gate 3’s first act, make sure to follow us for plenty of guides to its builds, mechanics, and characters.

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