Baldur’s Gate 3 players are already suggesting DLC ideas

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Some characters in Baldur's Gate 3.
Credit: Larian Studios.

Now that it’s finally emerged from early access, Baldur’s Gate 3 has already surpassed a lot of expectations, having attracted a huge amount of players keen to embark on the journey to its highest levels.

Despite some bizarre achievement issues and unhappiness over the endings on offer for one of its key characters, the general verdict on the game has been extremely positive and its modding scene is already in full swing.

In fact, while Larian has suggested that putting together an expansion for it might prove harder than people might think, a number of players have already begun discussing what they’d like to see from any DLC.

Are you keen for Larian to add to Baldur’s Gate 3 with some DLC?

In a post on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit that’s earned plenty of upvotes, user Dokuujin kicked things off by suggesting that, while they respect the studio’s principles, Larian should be open to the idea of adding some extra content to the game and charging for it.

“We should be able to reward them for how much work they actually put in,” they said, adding:

I, for one, would be happy if they released a DLC that was just a new story in the same engine, and no other new content besides the map/quests. Hell, I'd happily pay $5-10 just for them to add Artificer and maybe a few more subclasses.”

A number of their fellow D&D enthusiasts have responded by sharing their own ideal expansion ideas. For example, user dkah41 said: “I'd happily pay for a whole new 'game' [campaign] using the same engine and ruleset, ideally going to level 15 or 17 and fleshing out some of the higher-end spells."

“Honestly, [I] would love [some] shorter side campaigns [around] the size of act one, as a smaller release,” proposed user Megaspacewaffles, while Obrusnine declared: “I really want an old school, Dragon Age Origins Awakening-style, honest to goodness expansion pack.”

Meanwhile, user Right-Collection-592 asserted: “[Larian] usually do a definitive edition [of their games],” adding that they’d like to see this feature “some restored cut content, probably a more fleshed out Minthara and maybe an extra companion, class or subclass, and race. Along with [some] minor quest tweaks here and there.”

Regardless of what you’d want to see from any expansions or DLC for Baldur’s Gate 3, make sure to follow us for plenty of guides to its builds, mechanics and characters.

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