Apex Legends Season 7 Release Time: When Does Apex Update Start On PS4, Xbox And Steam/PC

Apex Legends Season 7 is nearly here and after a long lead time, showcasing the new legend Horizon, a brand new map called 'Olympus' and so much more.

To top it all off, the game is launching on Steam too; with Steam Pre-Load Available Now.

But for most fans around the world right now, all they want to know - besides potentially the Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes - is what time Apex Legends Season 7 releases on PS4, Xbox and PC platforms.

So why don't we do you a favour and answer that question right now.

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What Time Does Apex Legends Season 7 Start?

The development team at Respawn Entertainment has confirmed a release time for Apex Legends Season 7 on Twitter.

Writing online, the devs told fans:

"Prepare to rise to new heights by pre-loading Apex Legends now on @Steam so you're ready when Season 7 launches at 8pm PT on Nov 4."

For those elsewhere in the United States, that means the new season will start at roughly 11pm EST on November 4th.

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However, for those in the UK and Europe, there's a long wait ahead. UK based players will have to hold out until 4am GMT on November 5th, whilst those in Europe will be waiting until 5am CET on November 5th.

This is unusually late for the game, perhaps a consequence of the American election. That's just our idle speculation. But either way, it's later than we've normally seen for a new season.

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