Apex Legends leak seemingly reveals new collection event

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Screenshot showing Apex Legends Horizon with miniature black hole above hand and Bangalore Heirloom on a red background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Collection events always capture the attention of Apex Legends players looking to get their hands on some exclusive cosmetic items for their favourite characters. Collection events often contain heirlooms, rare melee weapon skins that can only be obtained through these limited-time events.

Currently, the game's Season 17 is well underway and so far, leaks have managed to seemingly uncover a new Prestige skin for a popular Legend, while some members of the community believe skill-based matchmaking is getting worse.

The latest leak claims the next Apex Legends collection event isn’t far away, much to the excitement of those looking to get their hands on a brand-new Heirloom.

Has the next Apex Legends collection event leaked?

According to content creator Thordan Smash, the next collection event is called ‘Dressed to Kill,’ with a number of Legends seemingly set to receive a variety of fresh skins.

Alongside the skins, the creator has also shared some artwork that they claim showcases the new heirloom which is set to release for Horizon. The heirloom appears to be a mace with a miniature black hole on top.

As always, it’s important to take leaks like this with a pinch of salt until Respawn Entertainment shares any official information surrounding the next collection event.

Apex Legends Dressed to Kill collection event start date

If the leaks are accurate, the Apex Legends Dressed to Kill collection event will commence on June 20, 2023. Of course, the start date is always subject to change, but Thordan Smash’s sources claim a trailer for the event is due any day now.


Collection events in Apex Legends always prove popular with fans hoping to get their hands on a new heirloom as fast as possible. Whether this one manages to appease frustrations surrounding ranked play and poorly-designed Mixtape modes remains to be seen.

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