Apex Legends player discusses potential balance changes

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Screenshot of Apex Legends gun and Apex Legends character sprinting while holding gun
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

With so many legends and a wealth of weaponry, Apex Legends contains numerous areas that require plenty of balancing in order to maintain some kind of level playing field.

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is heading towards its Season 17 update with a new legend making its way to the game along with weapon mastery, which adds a further layer of progression for players to work through.

Ahead of the new season, one player has suggested a number of changes that have the potential to improve various aspects of the game.

Apex Legends balance changes players want

Reddit user Sumire_Enjoyer has taken a deep dive to suggest nine changes that Respawn Entertainment should make to guarantee balance is maintained.

One of the more prominent changes involves the Nemesis Burst AR, a rifle that’s dominated the meta since it arrived at the start of Season 16. “The Nemesis needs a nerf desperately. I’d increase its vertical and horizontal recoil values and maybe a nerf to its passive,” suggests the fan.

Other members of the community also have their own suggestions surrounding what needs to change in Apex Legends. “I want P2020 buff,” replies another player wanting further weapon balancing.

Typically, balancing changes take place at the start of a season in addition to the arrival of new content. Thankfully, the developer usually releases the patch notes ahead of the update so players can see all of the buffs and nerfs that have the ability to influence the meta. Whether Respawn Entertainment takes these pieces of feedback on board remains to be seen.

Considering the new season kicks off on May 9, it’s not long before we see what the developers have in store.

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