Apex Legends players discuss ways to nerf overpowered weapon

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Screenshot of Apex Legends players aiming down sight of Nemesis Burst AR and close-up of Nemesis Burst AR
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends weapon arsenal contains plenty of unique guns and weapons to use throughout a match. In order to maintain some kind of balance, Respawn Entertainment often applies weapon buffs and nerfs to prevent certain rifles from dominating.

With the focus slowly moving towards what Season 18 has in store, a developer has already confirmed that ranked changes are on the way, while others hope further weapon balancing is planned following claims the time to kill is too fast.

The latest topic of debate surrounds a weapon that’s dominated throughout the season. Fans have suggested an ‘obvious’ solution in order to balance it with the rest of the weapons available.

How to nerf the Apex Legends Nemesis

The Nemesis Burst AR continues to excel in mid-range combat, and Reddit user Steppy_ thinks they’ve found a simple way to nerf it once and for all.

The player says: “The obvious answer which the other Energy weapons use to help balance them is requiring a turbocharger in order to activate the charge-up function. The weapon is still very strong without the charge-up but would help keep other weapons still viable.”

Another community member believes there’s an even easier solution to combatting the overpowered Nemesis: “I think it’s even easier than that - the Nemesis should only charge on successful hits. If they make the charge depending on hitting shots and make it decay faster, I think that’ll bring it more in line with other ARs.” In theory, this slight adjustment to the rifle would reduce its immense firepower perfectly.

For now, it doesn’t look like Respawn Entertainment plans on applying a nerf to the Nemesis anytime soon but the developer isn’t afraid to consider player feedback when adjusting various aspects of Apex Legends. We’ll have to wait and see if the charge-up of the Nemesis is reduced when the next update goes live.

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