Apex Legends bug gives players enhanced jumping abilities

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Octane jumping through the air and Olympus map
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Jumping is a core movement mechanic in Apex Legends. As Season 17 of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale continues to progress, players dropping into the action often perform the action to gain the height advantage or to scout opponents hiding around a corner.

A number of Legends have the ability to jump higher than normal, which can come in handy when looking to build a strong squad to deal with campers in a ranked match.

However, during a recent Control match, one player noticed a major change in jumping thanks to a bug that allows them to jump much higher than usual.

Apex Legends anti-gravity bug is game-changing

To demonstrate the immense power of the bug, Reddit user joe-welly has showcased a clip of Pathfinder managing to ascend higher than some pieces of cover before landing a crisp sniper shot onto a nearby target.

The player asks if “anyone know[s] what happened to my gravity” after some kind of interference causes them to climb high above the ground with ease. Fortunately, one member of the community has the answer behind the unusual jumping behaviour. “Might be the moonboots glitch like how you used to do in the firing range. You keep Valkyrie’s floaty gravity from the jetpack in certain situations.”

While obtaining a pair of moonboots is an accidental exploit in Apex Legends, some fans wouldn’t be against the developers adding a limited-time mode where gravity behaves differently. Joe-welly says “a low gravity LTM could be a lot of fun” and a solid alternative to the standard battle royale mode.

The arrival of a low-gravity mode remains to be seen but with plenty of players aware of the exploit, there’s a strong possibility of the developers applying a fix before the issue starts negatively impacting matches.

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