Apex Legends fans debate the best squad to defeat campers

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Screenshot of Apex Legends player hiding behind shield and Valkyrie flying in front of purple background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to changes to the Apex Legends ranked system, players dropping into the action are often seen hiding in corners in a bid to maximise their placement bonus in Season 17.

With a variety of Legends to choose from and each of them containing a range of game-changing abilities, there are plenty of effective combinations to utilise even if fans are debating if a once-dominant Legend is still popular.

In a bid to tackle the issue of camping in ranked, players are discussing the strongest set of three that eliminates anyone hiding in the blink of an eye.

Best Apex Legends anti-camper squads

Ahead of dropping into their next ranked match, Reddit user angry1gamer1 wonders what the “best rat basher squad” should contain.

“If you were to build a three-man squad designated to finding and defeating the rats for free kills, what 3 Legends you picking,” asks the player. As expected, the community was quick to suggest a set of three capable of scouting and clearing out any crafty campers.

One member of the community says Seer, Bloodhound, and Vantage would work particularly well when hunting for campers around the maps. “Bloodhound’s passive allows its bird to narrow down an area where the closest enemy is. Seer can use his heartbeat sensor and Vantage passive allows her to scan trees.”

Another fan suggests Seer and Bloodhound but instead of Vantage, they think Valkyrie is the stronger pick thanks to her combining with redeploy balloons. “Valk+redeploy balloons is a nightmare for rats.”

Although camping is often frowned upon, it’s a surefire way of attempting to become the last player standing and in Season 17, a high placement dishes out the best SR rewards. To demonstrate, professional player sweetdreams managed to reach Predator without dealing a single point of damage.

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