Apex Legends pro hits impressive 360 no-scope to win ALGS match

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Apex Legends Kraber and ALGS trophy on red background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment / Joe Brady

There are a bunch of different ways you can achieve victory in an Apex Legends match. Whether it's taking full advantage of the abilities of the best Legends or adopting a more passive approach, most players have their own favoured methods by which to try and become the last one standing.

As Season 18 continues to progress, the very best teams in the world have descended on the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham for the season-ending Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship in a bid to be crowned the best team on the planet.

During a group stage match, one player has managed to score an incredible 360 no-scope with the Kraber to secure the win for their team.

Apex Legends no-scope wins ALGS match

Moist Esports' Matthew 'Emtee' Trengove found himself on top of a rock during the final stages of a World's Edge match. To add some additional flair to his bid to bring an end to proceedings, the player span in front of the opposition, before landing the shot that eliminated the final target.

As expected, Apex Legends players have been quick to share their excitement following the impressive feat. One declared: "This Kraber clip is going down in ALGS history. Well done." Another added: "(This is) in the conversation for the best Apex clip at LAN of all time."

The ALGS is the pinnacle of competitive Apex Legends. The 40 teams in attendance are competing for $2 million in prize money along with a chance to be crowned world champion.

Scoring a 360 no-scope isn't an easy task to accomplish in standard ranked matches, let alone a high-stakes tournament with millions on the line. It's safe to say Emtee's stunt won't be forgotten anytime soon.

As the tournament heads towards the final and the pressure mounts, the chances of seeing another trickshot will get a lot lower. However, a spinning no-scope has already been done once, so there's always a possibility of someone managing to hit a shot that's even more impressive.

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