Apex Legends player claims Season 17 update has broken aim assist

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Ballistic aiming with pistol and Apex Legends player sprinting with rifle in hands
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The topic of aim assist continues to split the opinion of Apex Legends players dropping into Season 17. The latest seasonal update for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is packed with new content and adjustments but there’s one that’s causing frustration for controller players.

Season 17 of Apex Legends saw the arrival of Ballistic as the latest Legend and weapon mastery, a new progression tree allowing players to unlock all kinds of exclusive rewards.

While all of the new content and ranked changes are proving popular, one fan believes the Season 17 update has completely broken aim assist.

Is Apex Legends aim assist broken?

While exploring the reworked Firing Range, Reddit user sigs87 notices that their aim assist vanishes when scanning over a test dummy with their crosshairs.

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“They messed with aim assist somehow,” claims the player. “Aiming felt very weird so I decided to test it out.” The clip shows aim assist working over the first practice dummy but on the second, there’s no kind of crosshair movement.

For controller players, aim assist gives them a helping hand when encountering a player using a mouse and keyboard. Thanks to the more precise movement a mouse provides, aim assist in Apex Legends attempts to level the playing field. However, it appears the developers have missed the mark.

“It’s not just the dummies, it’s everyone for me in all game modes,” comments another player experiencing issues. Thankfully, one member of the community may have found the cause of the issues. “50% of the dummies in the firing range have aim assist disabled against them.” On the other hand, this wouldn’t explain why players are reporting aim assist issues when battling real players during matches.


It’s unclear if Apex Legends aim assist is broken but there are plenty of fans that prefer the current model as it adds even more skill when attempting to score a kill from long distances. For the time being, the aim assist debate shows no sign of slowing down.

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