ZLaner Reveals The Challenges of Switching From Fortnite To Warzone

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Laner has been playing Warzone for a long time, and now, it's hard to remember him playing Fortnite. Although he didn't explode in popularity until he switched over, he never discussed the experience until now. From what he explained, it sounds like it was a terrifying move that cost many viewers.

We've seen other streamers move between different games, such as Nicholas' NICKMERCS' Kolcheff, Félix' xQc' Lengyel, and Richard' Ninja' Blevins. Many smaller streamers would feel better about movements if they knew they might not be as confident as they appear to be. Here is a video and an explanation of why he switched from Fortnite to Warzone.


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Should I move from Fortnite to Warzone?

ZLaner is very specific about why it took him a year after he was burnt out of the game. As he tells his viewers, they should be very sure of which game they want to attend. When they switch games, they should expect a drop in viewership. Some people just watch the stream for the game, not the streamer.

The entire video revolves around this topic.


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The quote I want to bring up specifically will help those who want to be top name streamers. In ZLaner's own words:

"Sometimes, it was definitely killing me to play [Fortnite]. Like, it was, there were some days where I was like this: I do not want to play. I do not want to play this freaking game right now… So you know, you gotta just really ask yourself: are you willing to, you know, grind a little bit more?
Even if you're a little burnt or until you find the right game for you and then when you do make the switch… You might have a little dip in viewership for some time trying to make that transition… At the end of the day, there are just some people that watch the game and not the content creator."

It is tough to work hard just to have some people hate you for switching games. However, as ZLaner points out, you have to do what's best for you. Go ahead and change if you want, but know that your viewership doesn't determine your success.

When ZLaner moved to Warzone, it took a hit in viewership, but he eventually exploded because of the move.