Scump Finally Responds To Accusations Of Cheating In Warzone

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Seth' Scump' Abner was recently accused of hacking into Call of Duty: Warzone. At first, he seemed to ignore the crowd that said he was using Cronos. The man is finally tired of everyone accusing him and has responded.

It's excellent when Warzone players remind others how good they are, but Scump didn't showcase gameplay. Instead, he took out something that I actually forgot he had since it's been so long. Here's the video, but I hope he takes a picture with it.


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Scump Hacking In Warzone

Scump took out an X Games Medal that he earned in a LAN tournament. That means he competed with the best in front of other people. So obviously, he's good on his own and knows how to control recoil.

Tweet found by Dexerto below:


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To quote Scump:

"Every time that somebody says I'm cheating from now on, I'm just gonna show them this."

Scump is extremely good at this game because he's been playing it for over a decade. Most people accuse him of playing casually, but he played professionally against other great players as well. Because he has to practice for real, it's hard to believe he needs Cronos.

It's three necklaces earned from being in the X Games in Colorado. They're golden squares
X Games card from Colorado

The greatness we see in arenas, tournaments, and anywhere athletes play is learned and earned through practice. Having spent so many hours training and getting better, they win what they win. If they cheat in practice, they won't do well in tournaments.

So Scump, fantastic comeback, and it looks cool too.