WATCH: Players Purposefully Let ZLaner Kill Them Live On Warzone

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It's generally the case that Warzone players want to kill you, but it's not always the case with streamers. It's common for streamers to be cornered unfairly by stream snipers, but that's not always the case. ZLaner was just hanging out in Warzone when he realized that his enemies weren't trying to kill him.

It was so obvious that no one was trying to kill ZLaner in this one. During the stream, a player literally told ZLaner where the next enemy was coming from. It would be helpful if more enemies would say "behind you" more often to me.


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Warzone Stream Snipers

With a weapon in hand, ZLaner began his match on a rooftop. As he looked over, he took out a man on a parachute and then another who was just standing there looking at him. Then it gets even more ridiculous.

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Initially, this would have been one of the videos where people claimed ZLaner had paid actors to play with him, but he thought about it. To prevent that use of the video, he discusses it with the next person in the video. In the words of ZLaner:

"Streamers have it so easy, people just stream snipe them and just give them kills."

ZLaner really got a lot of easy kills in that one. A person actually spun around so he could see them better on their parachutes. That's a once-in-a-lifetime type game because no way that is happening to someone that isn't a streamer.

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