Where To Throw Fruit At Hunter's Haven (Season 5 Week 13 Challenge)

A brand new week of Fortnite challenges is arriving soon.

Now that we're heading into week 13 of Fortnite's Season 5, there's so much XP up for grabs.

A new week means new weekly challenges have arrived for players to get stuck into and help aid them in their quest to complete this season's Battle Pass.

This week has a wide array of challenges, and for the most part, they are simple in comparison to previous weeks.

One of the challenges will require you to throw fruit at a specific POI.

Here's how to complete this challenge! 



The POI you will need to head to is Hunter's Haven, this can be found within the center of the Fortnite map and it cannot be missed. 

When you arrive at this POI, you will need to find some fruit!

This can be found within some of the buildings in this POI; as they often spawn with NOM boxes inside them.

These contain all the fruit within Fortnite, and can be seen down below!

click to enlarge

Once the fruit is in your inventory, simply follow the commands on the left side of your screen as it will tell you how to throw it!

You will need to do this three times to earn 20,000 XP.

Check out our full week 13 challenge guide down below for more helpful tips with getting all the XP up for grabs!

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