Where to Practice Building in Fortnite

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Credit: Fortnite Intel

The building mechanic in Fortnite is mostly responsible for making the game such an unique one. However, this mechanic is the reason why many people despise the game as well.

Truth be told, as long as you don't get used to it, building can get quite difficult in Fortnite. And the learning curve is slightly steep as well.

Although turbo building is still a thing now, and we can finally control the pre edit scenario, building in Fortnite isn't that easy a task.

That being said, the only way to get better at this mechanic is by practicing it often. While the battle royale mode may be a good place to start, it's not the best place where you can practice your building skills.

Here are the few places where you can start practicing how to build in Fortnite.

How to practice building in Fortnite

As mentioned before, the battle royale mode may not be the best place to practice your building skills. The best you can do in the battle royale is just be sweaty and show off.

However, if you really want to go down to the basics of building in Fortnite, you need to make a move to the Save The World mode.

In there, you can learn building and editing from scratch. And since these are PvE missions, you can take your own sweet time to complete them while you build your own castle on the side.

In fact, these missions are mostly replayable too, so you get a lot of scope to refresh on your building skills.

The only problem with this mode however, is the fact that you need to purchase the Save The World mode separately. Yes, Epic Games went full Electronic Arts on this by locking the tutorial mode behind a paywall. Nice move Epic.

Alternatively, if you're like me and you don't want to buy the Save The World mode, you could head over to the Creative hub. There are way too many maps out there that are designed for building practice.

Here's our entire list of best edit course maps where you can practice building in Fortnite.

Have fun!

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