How to Get the Monopoly Cosmetics in Fortnite Season 8?

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Credit: Epic Games/Hasbro

The Fortnite x Monopoly collaboration has been around for a while now. And till date, we only saw the collaboration in the popular board game.

However, based on recent information, Monopoly will finally make an appearance in Fortnite. Data miners leaked some information on this collaboration a couple of weeks back.


We got a glimpse of the cosmetics that would be a part of this collaboration. And now we have information on how to get these items.

How to get the Monopoly cosmetics in Fortnite Season 8?

There isn't going to be any tournament through which you could win these cosmetics in Fortnite. In fact, just like the Nintendo promotions, you can get your hands on these Monopoly Token Back blings by pre ordering the Collectors Edition of the Fortnite x Monopoly board game.

This board game is priced at close to $37. Pre-orders are available now via major online portals. Once you've pre-ordered the board game, you will receive a code that will unlock all eight back blings for you.


Most importantly, there are no special skins that are associated with this just yet. Moreover, speding $37 for just 8 back blings isn't something most people in the community would do.

Epic Games had accidentally sent out a tweet this morning talking about the details of the Fortnite x Monopoly cosmetics, which however was taken down.


Data miners were able to derive some information from it though and they believe that these cosmetics will make it to the Fortnite item shop sometime later on in the future.

Personally, these back blings don't sit well with me. I find them too dull. But if you do like them and you do want to get your hands on them, feel free to pre-order the Monopoly board game for yourself.

Or you could wait till they make it to the Fortnite item shop.


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