A Batch of Fortnite Season 8 Skins Could Have Leaked Early

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Fortnite Season 8 starts soon, and noted leaker HYPEX found data showing a number of new character and weapon skins that could turn up once the season goes live.

New emotes also feature in the leak, including a roller skating emote and square dancing emote for the DahjaCat skin.

The skins are mostly what you'd expect from Fortnite skins: a brain in a jar, a spiky alien thing, and what looks like a sentient pile of leaves attached to a human form.


One of them stands out, though.

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A Batch of Fortnite Season 8 Skins Could Have Leaked Early

The Joy skin seemingly depicts a character with vitiligo, a condition that affects skin pigmentation.

Depictions of vitiligo in media is exceptionally rare, particularly in video games, and Epic could be trying to quietly change that and perception of the condition through Fortnite.


Most leaks should be treated with caution until proven otherwise, this one included. However, HYPEX also posted footage of the leaked emotes, making it slightly more believable than most leaks.

Whatever the case, we won't have to wait long before knowing more. Fortnite Season 8 begins September 13.

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